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It’s Bill!

by Damien

“Today a young man on acid realised that all matter is just energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. Here’s Tom with the weather.”

Bill Hicks

Those words, delivered by an individual who many believe to be the greatest ever comedian, resonate far beyond the world of comedic anecdotes as one of the most coherent articulations of the nature of reality and the human condition.

It’s just one of many Hicks quotes that offers hope as well as a very real understanding of the cosmos and it simultaneously draws upon ancient wisdoms such as the notion of Maya within Vedic knowledge and Advaita as well as the very latest findings of quantum physics and science such as superstring theory etc.

The fact that this philosophical nugget is put within the context of a drug induced experience is completely irrelevant. It’s far more of a clear elucidation of how Bill viewed life. The fact that this genius was able to give it a comedy edge only increases its impact.

Bill is dead now. He passed away 27 years ago but the lessons he taught on stage live on which perhaps proves his point perfectly! Prophetic knowledge from the agent of evolution!

The backdrop of global recession, pandemic and the climate emergency and the genuine threat they bring to human civilisation means that philosophers and idealists such as Bill should be analysed in far more depth. Many of the ways of capitalism have been proved to be bankrupt, both literally and metaphorically, by the events of recent times. It’s been proven as a system that brings with it the seeds of its own downfall thanks to the greed and profligacy that it legitimises. That is not to say that the human entrepreneurial spirit should be ignored or written off!

Current conditions are a big wake up call for humanity to seek out a better way and a route out of the cyclical nature of war, exploitation, egotism and self indulgence. It’s time for a talking shop to develop on a global stage to tackle these pressing issues on behalf of every single human being and this small, almost insignificant,  green planet we call home.

The idea of ‘viewing all of us as one’ has been around for aeons. We are all just stitches in a giant cosmic duvet and all irrevocably interlinked. If nothing else the current zeitgeist should teach us that and now is the time to piece together all of the theologies and philosophies, developed through the ages, into a cohesive and evolving whole.

Everyone recognises that the similarities between us all are far more salient than the differences. Most recognise that all religions, despite their permanence and inflexibility, say the same things. From Hinduism to Islam, Christianity to Buddhism all of the truths are out there and we now have to join the dots whilst negating those interpretations that foster division, hatred and self interest. That should be the basis of a legacy that we are able to pass on to future generations.

We can all stay locked up in our own rooms and remain ignorant of other belief systems or we can seek skeleton keys, such as those offered by Bill, to open up every possible door and reveal a magnificent world and a truly enlightened future.

Just as capitalism will, one day, be considered defunct so should nationalism. The physical and cartographic borders and boundaries that keep us apart have to be recognised as part of the problem. There is simply no other option.

Depressions polarise opinion. Interest in the far right is on the increase. Fascism, for example, offers only short term and ultimately destructive solutions devoid of anything remotely positive for anybody. Nothing can be gained by this anti-evolutionary approach that only draws its inspiration from short term historical phases. It’s only about reinventing the wheel and a square one at that!

The environmental threats facing us all only exacerbate our situation. How can we possibly save the planet if we don’t know what will happen economically and politically next week! Common sense is required that makes common sense of it all! All of the answers are out there. They just have to be arranged in such a way that offers a path out of the current malaise.

Bill had it spot on and you get the feeling that he’d have a field day right now!

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