Welcome To Wakey Wakey!

There is hope. There are visions and ideas out there that offer us the chance to build a viable, sustainable future for the human species. Wakey wakey is all about that!

On this site you’ll find links to organisations and groups whose progressive visions, in our opinion, give cause for optimism at a time when we seem more divided than ever.

Wakey wakey also features a Q&A with prominent visionaries from around the globe. Talk2 is updated every few weeks with new nuggets of wisdom from different individuals.

There’s also a blog that’s open to your articles as well as news items from the various groups listed on the links page. Just email us and we could be featuring your blog in the future.

We have no political agenda whatsoever and envisage the site developing over time but the future is yours to build.

Time to wake up, rise and shine! Get involved because it’s time 4 change!